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'Mary (Polly)_____West [mother] eldest then going around circle Mariah West Owen Morrell, Livvie West Wilson, Sarah West Lewis Morrell, Melissa Wicox Chapman, Parilla Lewis Butterfield, Emily Francis Owen Morrell' , Gay Alice & Will Moffett Alice & Will Moffett All Saints Parrish, South Elmham, England Anna Eliza Gruwell Anna Eliza Gruwell & Ed Howe Ashworth Brian, Martha Elizabeth Bailey, Earl Baird, Brigham Young family
Baird, Brigham Young Jr Baird, Hyrum Baird, Margaret Baird, Margaret Henrietta Camp Baird, Minnie Baird, Orrin Randall Baird, Susanna Bake brothers Bake siblings Bake Ward, Rose or Rosa
Bake, David Henry Bake, Eural Bake, Eural & Nila after the birth of Guy about 1946 Bake, Eural - basketball 2 Bake, Eural - cowboy Bake, Eural age 15 with Dick and Sadie, his dad's horses Bake, Eural and Nila - 1976 Smithsonian Bake, Eural and Nila at Blaine and Margie's wedding reception - 1968 Bake, Eural and Nila close to their 50th wedding anniversary Bake, Eural and Nila Mary Gruwell
Bake, Eural at the 'Bake Corral' Mingus Mountain LDS Church Ranch Bake, Eural basketball team - Metropolis, Nevada Bake, Eural demonstrating horse hair rope making Bake, Eural in his 'work shop' Bake, Eural riding a 7 year old horse he broke in 1928 Bake, Eural sketch by Aleesha Bake Bake, Eural with horse hair ropes in Prescott, AZ Bake, Eural, bishopric Prescott, Arizona Bake, Hazel A in front of Wells, Nevada home Bake, Hazel A Lyon
Bake, Hazel A Lyon Bake, Hazel A Lyon 1927 Bake, Hazel A Lyon 1938 Bake, Hazel A Lyon 1976 Bake, Hazel A, at Japanese Gardens in Mesa, Arizona Bake, Hazel A, Prescott, Arizona visit Bake, Hazel Alice 80th Birthday Celebration with her children, Nov 1967 Bake, Hazel Alice Lyon Bake, Hazel Alice Lyon Bake, Hazel Alice Lyon 1955
Bake, Hazel Lyon casual - 1958 Bake, Henry Bake, Henry 2 Bake, John A - 1937 Bake, John A - canal Bake, John Alfred and Hazel Alice family Bake, John Alfred Jr  - 1937 Bake, John Alfred Jr - young Bake, John Alfred Jr. Bake, John Alfred Jr.
Bake, John Alfred Jr. and sister Mary Elizabeth Bake, John Alfred Sr. Bake, John Jr. (working in front) running the slip scraper - building the canal at Blue Creek (near Idaho border) 1910 Bake, John Jr. - building canal at Blue Creek - closer view Bake, Mary Bake, Nila M Gruwell Bake, Nila Mary - college years Bake, Oliver Cowdrey - picture Bake, Rebecca Hannah & husband Niels Madsen Balls, Dan
Balls, Dan & Eliza Balls, Dan & Eliza Balls, Dan & Eliza 3 Balls, Dan & Eliza 50th Wedding Celebration Balls, Dan & Eliza children Balls, Dan & Eliza Davisville closeup Balls, Dan & Eliza Davisville home Balls, Daniel & Eliza family picnic at Hooper Springs, Soda Springs, Idaho Balls, Earl Balls, Eliza, Daniel & daughter-in-law Zina Balls in front of her house
Balls, Emma Balls, Eva Balls, Geneva Balls, Harold & missionary companion Balls, Harold & missionary companion on bikes Balls, Harold - 'Chapel at Duke' - must have been significant to him. Balls, Harold - 'Mademoiselles in town France' Balls, Harold - 'Part of brevery at Vezelise' France Balls, Harold - 'Part of Division Band at Vezelise' [France] Balls, Harold - 'Red Cross Clubmobiles at Vezelise, France'
Balls, Harold - 2nd baby picture Balls, Harold - army Balls, Harold - Army barricks Balls, Harold - Army buddies - kneeling on the left. (Note the bullet holes in the wall behind.) Balls, Harold - Army desk duty Balls, Harold - Army fatigue picture Balls, Harold - Army return home picture Balls, Harold - at parent's home in Soda Springs, Idaho Balls, Harold - attending a program taking this picture which included Bing Crosby in fatigue hat standing by a young lady in the back ground. Balls, Harold - Australian baby Kangaroo

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