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1 LETTER: from Lydia Nyman, states "Grandpa Thurston never learned to write and our memories fail us. He was not sure of his birthday. I send to London for his marriage date and got a certified copy which says, married 8 Apr 1854 age 23. Endowed card record says Born March 1831. Passage on Ship Caravan 18 Feb 1856 his age was 23. His death certificate says Born May 1 1829."
Pioneers & Prominent Men of Utah gives 1 May 1829

Thurston, James (I376)
2 a Salt Lake newspaper article read: "An Inquisition, holden at the Sexton's office, Salt Lake City, of the Fifth Precinct of Salt Lake County, Territory of Utah, on the tenth day of Dec, AD 1875 before George J. Taylor, Coroner of said County, upon the bodies of Anna White & Mercy Robinson there lying dead, by the Jurors whose names are hereunto subscribed. The said Jurors upon their oaths do say, that they died from the effects of the fire and smoke, originating from causes to the jury unknown; (it is supposed, however that Anna White procurred a match from some visitor and ignited the fire which produced death as stated.) We furthermore exonerate the resident physician and keepers from all blame in the premises, and recommened, 1st. That hereafter, no visitors be allowed access to the institution without a written permit from the physician in charge. 2nd. That if possible, a more vigilant watch be kept by night as well as by day. In testimony Whereof, the said Jurors have hereunto set their hands, the day and year first above written..."
Hodgson, Mercy (I184)
3 Baird DNA - Family Tree DNA - Genealogy by Genetics, LTD. - Houston, TX - Baird Project
"New Deep Clade DNA tests have tied us to the Celts and Irish" - Baird Genealogical Association 6 Dec 2008
Samuel & Matilda Baird descendents tested for DNA - Jim Baird from Mapleton, Fred T Baird from Provo, Blaine Bake from Rexburg.
Others tested: Roger Beard & James R Baird from Illinois connected to the "Old John" b abt 1666 line of Liberton, Midlothian, Scotland, who immigrated to Topenemus, Monmouth Co., New Jersey. He was married to Mary Bedient, a son Andrew who had a son Samuel. Samuel married Susanna Rogers. There was NO MATCH with the Samuel & Matilda Baird line.

Also tested: Marion Baird from Newport News, VA & Dr W D Baird from Texas. They did NOT match the Samuel & Matilda Baird descendents.
Also tested: another Alexander Baird family of TN - J C Baird & Weldon Baird. Then John Brown Baird, Jim G Baird and Charles Finley Baird - NO MATCH. Also Bruce Baird of Metarie, Louisana - NO MATCH.
Also a line through a David Baird of Antrim, Ireland - tested were David & Frank Beard - NO MATCH.
Then tested a descendent of the Thomas Watt Beard line (b. abt 1795 Abbeville, South Carolina. James Blanton Baird of Texas, grandfather of Ernest Hunt (eehiv@mindspring.com) and Scott Beard also a descendent of Thomas Watt Beard.
Results: James Blanton Baird, Scott Beard of TX, Jim Baird from Mapleton & Fred T Baird from Provo ALL MATCHED.
CONCLUSION: Samuel Baird and Thomas Watt Baird are related!
MANY THANKS to Fred T & Jim Baird for their push to break down many walls and heading us in the right direction! 
Baird, Samuel (I134)
4 death certificate gives birth as 12 Apr 1858 Lyon, George (I397)
5 headstone gives birth 10 Feb 1785, name spelled Mehetable. Headstone was placed after 1849, because Noah's death was also listed. Seward, Mahettable (I91)
6 Headstone reads "Martha Mauriene Gruwell". She is buried next to son Preston, his wife and a grandson at the far side of the cemetery. Woodland, Martha Marena (I44)
7 Headstone states "To the south lies Noah Daves who died Aug 22, 1849 age 70 years" There was one stone for Noah, Mehetable and Malon.
Blaine Bake found the cemetery which had been plowed up by a farmer. He gave Blaine permission to prod with a stick to find the headstones. 4 headstones (3 broken) were found & recorded. Another stone - Silas Low d. 1859 A.McD - not sure who this is?  
Daves, Noah (I90)
8 headstone states death 11 May 1845, but stone was placed after 1849. Seward, Mahettable (I91)
9 In 1875 Haden died while serving his second mission in Tennessee.
"Matilda lived in Centerville, Utah, with James most of her life in Utah. She died of "cancer of the shoulder" and was a bed patient for the last two years of her life."
Rutledge, Matilda (I133)
10 Small headstone is in possession of cousin Elmo Gruwell in Blythe, California. It was taken to protect it from vandalism in deserted cemetery of Colonia Diaz. (Apr 2008)
Gruwell, Eliza Ann or Lyda (I55)
11 Sourch found on the Internet. Source (S2)
12 This small headstone was the only small stone left of all the individual stones. The large family monument still remains. Gruwell, Eliza Ann or Lyda (I55)
13 Thomas Steepleford Woodland, son gives mother's name on Temple ordinance record as "Cecilia". Steepleford, Celia (I95)
14 Women Pioneers of Faith and Fortitude, DUP, p. 752, biography of Rozilla Whitaker Dalton, dau, states "life in NC was made complicated because of the father's health. A change of climate, the parents decided, may bring an improvement so they moved, with 6 children, into one room in Rozilla's uncle John McQuary's [McCrary????] home, in Gallatin, Davis, Missouri. Her mother died there in 1836 leaving 6 children, the youngest 2 yrs old...Rozella's father's asthma returned and he called in a Dr. Younger who was a Mormon. He combined his medical visit with missionary work and the family accepted the Gospel and cast their lot with the despised Mormons."

Whitaker, James (I96)