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Blackhurst, William - History

William Blackhurst

William Blackhurst was born 22 Jan 1807 in Longton, Lancashire, England, the son of
David Blackhurst and Ellen Harrison. He married Margaret Stephenson, the daughter of John and Catherine Stephenson. Their 1st child Ellen was born 10 Nov 1837, and David was born 26 Nov 1845, both in Longton. He was taught the gospel, by Heber C. Kimball. He was baptized 15 Mar 1838. He received his Patriarchal Blessing 11 Aug 1840 by Peter Melling.
William, Margaret, Ellen age 3 and David and his half brother Jonathan and his family (also Margaretís father)departed 21 April 1841 from Liverpool on the "Rochester" under the leadership of Brigham Young and other Apostles and arrived 20 May 1841 in New York, 130 Saints; storms, Apostles stayed the storm with prayer. Jun 4th under the direction of Brigham Young, Heber C Kimball and John Taylor they traveled via Philadelphia to Pittsburg by railway and canal...by steamboat to Cicero, ran onto several sand banks. They took 3 weeks to get to Nauvoo 1 Jul 1841, where they were greeted by 300 saints, and Joseph Smith who was the 1st person on board to greet them.

On the August 1842 Hancock Co, Illinois Tax Records, Lyman D Platt, [The Nauvoo Journal 1989-1990, vol 2, p. 27], William Blackhurst 214 6N8W, Jonathan 181 7N5W were listed amongst others.

In the Annotated Record of Bapts for the Dead, S.E. Black, p. 425-6: 1 Jul 1844 baptisms for the dead were done for these ancestors in Nauvoo: Betsey Bickerstaff, aunt; David Blackhurst, father; Elizabeth Blackhurst, sister; Ellen Blackhurst, mother; Jonathan Blackhurst, grandfather; William, uncle; and Elise Harrison grandmother.

[SOURCE: Mormon Pioneer Search, Internet: "Roster found in Heart Throbs of the West, Vol. 8, pp 401-448". Also The Pioneers of 1847: a sesquicentennia remembrance, Susan Easton Black (US/CAN 929.2 W2p), film Europe 1183516 item 10.]

In November 1845 Joseph Brigham was born Nauvoo, Hancock, Ill to Margaret.

Both William and Margaret received their endowments 30 Dec 1845.
[1845 Nauvoo Endowment Register [977.343 N1 K29c], also [film #1033997 p. 75 ref #1]

Margaret was sealed to William Jan 27, 1846 in Nauvoo. [film #183374 p. 171] William was also sealed to Caroline B. Stephenson [film #183374 p. 181, birth info same as Catherine's].
Wm & Margaret were sealed ["adopted"] to John Taylor & Leonora - 1846 Nauvoo, along with others. [film #183374 p. 537 #3885], a practice at the time.

[Did not find any record for Jane Hamilton mge or sealing in EH or Illinois mge records?????]

William was married [1846] to (2)Jane Hamilton only for time. (3)Catherine Bimford md to same only for time. The rest of his wives were sealed to him.

[Nauvoo: Early Mormon...Series, 1839-1846. Platt, Lyman, David, Elizabeth, (on a different page & origin), Ellen, Margaret, & William. (How does Elizabeth fit?)]

[NAUVOO: Book - Nauvoo 1839 - 1846, 977.343/N1 K2n Vol 1, same as Eary Mormon
Series, p. 36] William and Margaret were members of the 3rd Ward, Elizabeth Blackhurst was a member of the 7th ward, [p.44.]

!Nauvoo: [GS#581,219], Wm, Margaret, Catharine Stephenson, Ellen, David, Alice
Stevenson & John Stevenson who died.

William was ordained a member of the 1 council of Seventies, Nov 1844, [979.2 K2r]

[#014,888], LDS Membership Records, Winter Quarters, Nebraska,1846-47. member of 11th ward. Dec 16, 1846, 7 members in family 1 sick in family, 1 sick man, 3 wagons, 1 horse, 1 yoke of oxen, 1 cow. Dec 17, 1846, "Wm. drawed one load of wood for one day fishing." & more. (already sealed to 3 or 4 other
wives.) Also Description: Log 13 Length + 11 Breadth = 143 Content. Dec 17th 1846: Wm drawed two loads of wood for ?? days tithing 62 1/2.
Feb 8th 1846 William Blackhurst drawing logs by Bishop Miller's house (tithing)

Name transcribed from the Iowa Branches Members Index 1839 - 1859, Volumes I & II by Ronald G. Watt. Historical Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1991. Copyright by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Note: Stated in record above, "Bishop, 24 July 1846, V. 1 p. 4"

BISHOP: Manuscript History of Brigham Young, 1846-1847, Watson, Elden J., p. 261-62: Youngs listing dated seven days earlier than 2nd letter from W. Richards, specifically on 17 Jul 1846.

BISHOP:" A Room of Round Logs..." Ute Perkins Stewardship; Perkins, Eugene H. & Waldo C., p. 69-71; letter dated 24 Jul 1846 to Isaac Morley from W. Richards giving names of 89 men who were called as Bishops to take care of families of Mormon Battalion left behind at Council Bluffs, includes William Blackhurst and John A. "Wolf"

[possible other Winter Quarters films to search - #007,646 and #026,726.]

On 5 Jan 1847 Margaret died of canker at the age of 42, at Winter Quarters, Douglas, Nebraska.

MIGRATION: [Pioneers of 1847 [979.2 W2p], Susan Easton Black, p. 78-79]: They were listed in the Second Hundred - Capt. Edward Hunter, "Fifth Ten" - Capt . Thomas Orr, Sr. [I assume this is a "sub captain under the direction of Capt Hunter?] They arrived in Salt Lake 29 Sep 1847 in the Edward Hunter Company [Conquerors of the West; Stalwart Mormon Pioneers, vol. 1

CENSUS: 1850 Census of Utah - SL., Deseret, 443-443 pg. 108, William 43, Jane 44, Ireland, Helen (Ellen) 13, Ireland and David 10,Ireland. (Margaret's children.)

CENSUS: 1851 Utah: Salt Lake house #443: William Blackhurst 43 farmer, Jane 44, Helen 13, David 10


Member of the Seventh ward 1852, Wm listed only, [979.2 K2r].

[#025540]: SL, p. 54.

PREACHING: Truth will Prevail..., [942.K2tw, pg 123].

1855: Patriarchal Blessing given 25 Jun 1855 by Isaac Morley, vol 15, p. 471

DEED: Salt Lake Deeds 1850-1862 [#929288] p. 75: William Blackhurst lot 1, block 7 Big Field Survey bought from Jacob Weiler & Elijah F. Sheits, $34 paid by Edward Partridge for fence, dated 19 Mar 1855.

MAP: Salt Lake County Plat Maps 1852-1888 [#1,654,538]: maps showing Wm in Big Field 5 acre plat, Block 7, lot 1; also 5 acre plat B, Wm block 2, lot 17, 2 doors down from Wilford Woodruff

CENSUS: 1856 Utah Index, SL city 7, p. 275: David, Ellen, Hannah, William, David, Ellen, Hannah, William "Blackhuts".

SEALING: President's Office [#183374 p. 68]: Isabella "Mecham" by HC Kimball, dated 25 Jan 1857
1857? mge to Isabella, Salt Lake, Utah

SEALING: Endowment House Records [#183395 p. 230, ref 1513] Isabella Meikle dated 11 Sep 1857

LAND: Early Mormon Series, Vol 1 [979.2k24j], directory, 7th ward, 1859
Wm. only mentioned,

CENSUS: 1860 Census, Salt Lake Ward 7, Salt Lake, Utah, [#0025541], Wm 50, Jane 50, Ellen 25, Bella 23 [Isabella Meikle], David 20, Wm 2 & Margaret 2/12

1861 Patriarchal Blessing given 21 Feb 1861 by Charles W. Hyde, vol 75, p. 110

1864? died in Salt Lake
1865? child born in Salt Lake
not sure that many wives.
PATRIARCHAL BLESSING: 3 blessings - Vol 8, p. 72 given 1840 by Peter Melling
in Longton, Eng; Pat Bl. 75:110 given 1861 in Salt Lake; and Vol 15, P. 471
given 1855 in Salt Lake.

CENSUS: 1870 Jane?

DEATH: [GS# 026,553], Death Records of Salt Lake..., (Guide to obituaries & Death Records), lung fever [pneumonia], #2133, pg. 54, plot B, Block 5, lot 7. Birth listed 22 Jun 1807. Lived in 7th ward.

OBITUARY: Desert News, dated 23 Nov 1864, Rootsweb.com; "In this city, Sep. 9 William Blackhurst, aged, 57 yrs, 2 months and 16 days. Deceased was born in Longton, Lancashire, England, was one of the first of President Kimball's converts when he arrived in England in 1837; gathered to Nauvoo in 1841, came to this valley in the fall of 1847. He was faithful to his integrity, and lived and died a saint." Copy in possession of Bonnie Balls

BURIAL: Ut St Hist Soc Burial Database, Internet, B-5-6-W

PROBATE: Utah State Archives, Third Dist. Court, Series 1621, Reel Number 6, Entry 136, Page Span 649-733, Filing Date 10/30/1868, Case Number 134. Also: Reel Number 7, Entry 144, page Span 947-1020 filing date 3/31/1869, case # 143

PROBATE: Salt Lake Co Probate records 1852-1910, [#425669] #134 Wm Blackhurst estate, book C, p. 139-141: died intestate, property divided, copy in possession of Bonnie Bake Balls

PROBATE/Guardianship: Salt Lake Co Probate records 1852-1910, [#425669] #143 Wm Blackhurst & others Guardianship Book C, p. 168-170, & Book D, p. 519-520: Guardianship of Wm's children go to Isabella & Theodore Curtis, then transfer to other siblings when Isabella dies. Copy in possession of Bonnie Balls


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